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creighton university
pls121: american government
pls105: introduction to world politics
pls341: american foreign policy
pls405: ethnicity, nationalism, and democracy
pls440: terrorism
pls537: international law
loyola college in maryland
ps365: introduction to international politics
ps376: international law
university of maryland university college
gvpt406: global terrorism
gvpt406ol: global terrorism online
hist319a: history of terrorism
oklahoma state university
statistical methods i
statistical methods ii
engineering statistics
engineering statistics with design
introduction to world politics
quantitiative methods for political scientists
university of tennessee
pol101: american government
pol102: introduction to political science
pol365: introduction to international relations
pol370: contemporary issues in international relations
pol451: ethnic conflict in foreign countries
pol470: international law
tennessee technical university
pols2210: american politics and government
adult education courses
community college of baltimore county
the african continent
american foreign policy
american government and politics
issues in foreign policy
politics of the world
current world events, 2009
current world events, 2010

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contact information

Ole J. Forsberg, Ph.D.

Department of Statistics
Oklahoma State University
301 Math Sciences Building
Stillwater, OK, USA 74078-1056

tel:   +1 (405) 744-5684
fax: +1 (405) 744-3533